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 Clear Float Glass

    Float glass is a clear, distortion-free glass that can be supplied in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to suit any flat glass application.

    Float glass is produced by Euro Industry using the latest glass-making technology, heating mountains of silica sand and other raw materials to a liquid state and floating this on a bath of molten tin to produce a perfect ribbon of glass.

    Float glass is glass that has not been heat-strengthened or tempered.

clear float.webp

 UltraClear Float   Glass

  Low-iron glass has a lower iron content, which removes the greenish tint associated with standard float glass. The glass can be used almost anywhere regular float glass is used, particularly in applications requiring increased visible light, reduced solar transmission, and a crystal-clear appearance. 

  At Euro Industry, our low-iron glass offers outstanding clarity and an ice blue edge.

ultra clear contrast.jpg

 Tinted Glass

Euro Industry's tinted glass lets in light and spares heat in a range of in-demand colors.  All our float glass is produced using the latest glass-making technology and we produce tinted glass by adding small amounts of metal oxides to our high-performance float glass during the manufacturing process.

Dark Grey Float Glass.JPG

 Reflective Glass

  Reflective glass is clear or tinted glass that has a very thin layer of metal or metallic oxide on the surface. The reflective coating is applied during the float process. The thicker the glass is, the less light will pass through the window. The reflective coating reduces heat gain and glare from the outside while allowing visible light to enter.

  At Euro Industry, our reflective glass gives a building a mirror-like appearance, it also reduces the amount of solar radiation that enters the building, which reduces variations in the interior temperature of a building.

Dark Grey Reflective Glass.JPG
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