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Modern Bathroom

Mirror & Decoration Glass

View our selections of Mirror & Decoration Glass

 Patterned Glass

  Our Signature Patterned Glass is fabricated by melting silica sand, soda, and lime together in a tank and then fed into a machine. It then gets moved out to the rollers. As it passes through the rollers, the first roller will be embossed and creates the pattern on the glass, while the other counter-rotates to keep the glass smooth. Once the glass has been cooled, it then gets cut and customized to suit whatever style and size the client desires.

Image by Benjamin Child

 Acid-etched Glass

  Acid-etched Glass offers a smooth, satin-like decorative surface that scatters light.

   Our acid-etched glass products offer architects and interior designers a unique opportunity to realize their design goals. Because it is not a coating, acid-etched glass maintains its look and finish over time, creating a translucent satin appearance that obscures view while maintaining a high level of light transmittance.

  Mirror Glass

 To create a true reflection with virtually no distortion, it takes the right manufacturing technique and the right glass. we use the latest technologies available to manufacture beautifully reflective mirrors that have proven to be durable and long lasting. Reflections remain beautiful and true over time with our Mirrors.

  At Euro Industry, we offer Silver mirror, Aluminum mirror, Copper-free mirror as well as Tinted mirror.

Modern Bathroom
Wide Appeal

  Wherever you want to make an impression, Euro Industry's decoration glass is the choice.  From textured glass to all the selections of Euro Industry's mirrors, there is a multitude of ways to add character and simple sophistication to your interior.

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