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Tempered Glass

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At Euro Industry, our tempered glass is ideal when building codes or design specifications require safe solutions.


Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than annealed glass, and breaks into fragments that are less likely to cause serious injury. Whether it's applied to storefronts, fire knock-out panels or fireplaces, tempered glass can provide peace of mind.

What is Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a piece of annealed (ordinary) glass that gets its safety properties from a heating and cooling procedure called “tempering”. The process involves heating the glass and cooling it immediately. Quickly cooling the incredibly hot glass causes the outside of the glass to harden quicker than the center. This process leaves the center in tension making the glass significantly stronger and more durable than ordinary glass.

Tempered glass differs from laminated glass in that it is a single piece of glass.

Product Specifications:

Glass panel: Clear, UltraClear, Tinted Float glass, or Textured glass.

Thicknesses: 3 mm-19mm

Dimensions: A vast array of stock size Tempered glass is available, the maximum dimension is 3000mm*8000mm. 

For more details, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Different types of edge finishes are available upon our clients requests.

Technical bookelet

here is more technical information, if you have any other questions,feel free to contact us

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