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Reflective Glass

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Reflective glass is essentially ordinary float glass with a metallic coating that cuts off solar heat. This special metallic coating also provides a one-way mirror effect, preventing visibility from the outside and thus preserving privacy. Reflective glass is used primarily for structural façade glazing.


At Euro Industry, our glass is using advanced coating technology combined with premium quality glass to achieve solar control while leaving views clear and open.

What is Reflective Glass

Reflective glass is a coated glass that blocks heat and destructive UV rays while letting in visible light. we are constantly developing solar control solutions to serve a variety of needs: energy efficiency, design flexibility, and occupant wellbeing glass occupy a significant position. Besides the basic functionality of sun control, it contributes to architectural aesthetics and even energy conservation.

Product Specifications:

Glass Panel: Float Glass.

Thicknesses: 3 mm-10mm

Dimensions: A vast array of stock size Reflective Glass are available varying from 2134mm x 1524mm to 3660mm x 2440mm. 

For more details, please communicate with our Customer Service Department.

Tinted Reflective Glass Sample

Technical bookelet

here is more technical information, if you have any other questions,feel free to contact us

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