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Low-e Glass

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

All surfaces reflect, absorb and transmit heat. At Euro Industry, our low-emissivity (low-E) glass helps control the transfer of heat to help make buildings more comfortable, energy-efficient and filled with natural light. As one of China’s largest glass coaters, Euro Industry offers numerous low-E solutions that can achieve the proper balance between light and heat.

What is Low-e Glass

A low-E coating is an invisible metallic layer, only several atoms in thickness, that is applied to glass surfaces. It allows short-wave solar energy to pass while bouncing back out long-wave infrared energy. This allows for most of the sun’s energy to pass through into your home while ensuring a minimal amount of heat in your house is allowed to escape. This is especially beneficial in colder climates as it significantly reduces heat loss from your home in the wintertime. Though there is a slight loss in solar gains in your home with the presence of low-E, it more than makes up by significantly reducing solar heat loss in the nighttime.

Product Specifications:

Thicknesses: 4 mm-10mm

Manufacturing options: Laminated, Tempered, Heat-strengthened

Dimensions: A vast array of stock size Glasses are available varying from 1220mmx914mm to 3660mm x 2440mm.

For more details, please communicate with our Customer Service Department.

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