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 EuroIndsutry Glass

  • EuroIndustryglass is a professional glass solution Manufacturer and distributor in China. We specialize in wholesaling glass materials and glass solutions. For more information, please check out our glass products list>>

Whether you want to solve a practical problem or challenge architectural conventions, Euro Industry is ready to help you with your Glass needs. As a modern glass company, we are ready to embrace a future where glass will play an even greater part in what the world builds.

Archietectural glass

Architectural Glass

Top-quality glass solutions

High end glass windows will be provided by EuroIndustry Glass

Glass door & Windows

Contemporary residential glass

Mirror Glass

Mirror & Decorating Glass

Make life better

Our Glass manufacturing line

Float Glass

Start with a high-quality foundation

Customizable glass product will be provided by Euroindustry Glass

Industrial Glass

Customized glass just for you

Our Vision
Image by Lance Anderson

We know you have many options, that is why we go above and beyond to serve your needs to our best ability

For Architects

Our Projects

Featured Project

Luoxingu Hotel,Moganshan,Zhejiang

Moganshan is one of the most visited 4A tourist points in China. Luoxingu Hotel a fusion of cutting-edge architectural achievements in sustainability, technology, and engineering. Using our coated architectural glass to achieve avoiding heat and glare but allowing in maximum lights in this stunning mountain view hotel.

Our Glass products was used in a high end hotel in zhejiang China
Our Glass products was used in a high end hotel in Yunnan China.

Featured Project

Waterfront Hotel, Yunnan

Euro Industry has a long history supplying top-quality Low-E glass, our Low-E glass with an extra layer of coating is designed for waterfront homes. Not only can our glass provide clear views with sunlight, but it can also block most of the sun's heat and insulates better than standard double-pane windows.

Our News

News & Events

Our Glass containers in port ready for shipping

Record-Breaking price increase


Driven by the increasing glass product demands, the Chinese Glass Index has reported a 15%-20% price increase in the last 3 months. Which makes a staggering more than 50% price rise in the last 9 months.

Covid 19 procedures

COVID-19 Supports


Euro Industry is keen on giving back to our Customers, all of our customers have received our care package which includes masks and other essential items free of charge.

Our Glass Stock

10 years opertation


Euro industry is celebrating its 10 years of operation this year. "We thank every employee for the last 10 years, Today, this dedicated team is continuing to transform for the Next Decade."


China Headquarters (Asia)

208 Jianguo Road

Qinhuangdao, Hebei


Canada Office (North America)

6 Sonic Way  

Toronto  Ontario

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