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Glass Panes

Clear Float Glass

Start with a solid foundation

Great glass design begins with a high-quality solution. For more than a decade, Euro Industry Glass has continuously improved the process of float glass manufacturing. We offer deep knowledge and understanding to create glass that meets and exceeds your project’s needs.

How Clear float glass is made

Float glass is a sheet of glass made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal, typically tin, although lead and other various low-melting-point alloys were used in the past. This method gives the sheet uniform thickness and very flat surfaces.

manu float.jpeg
Endless innovations

At Euro Industry, Our float glass can be cut, machined, drilled, edged, and polished. Float glass is a clear, distortion-free glass that can be produced in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to suit any glass application.

Learn more about how our Clear Float Glass can amplify your vision

Clear Float Glass

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