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 Glass Door

 At Euro Industry, We provide builders, renovators, and homeowners with top-quality doors for every residential and commercial property need. We have a variety of selections from decorative doors to energy preserving glass doors for our clients to choose from, and we can also produce doors at our customer's request.


 Euro Industry provides glass window suitable for our customers' location. We have products that suit the south that can reduce both solar heat gain and glare for western, southern, and waterfront homes with bright sunlight exposure. We also have products that suit the northern atmosphere. it selectively let visible light in to brighten and warm northern homes naturally and provides insulation to stop heat from escaping.

Image by Stephan Bechert

 Shower Door

   Euro Industry provides top-quality shower door solutions. Independent laboratory testing exposed our coated glass and competitive products to hard water with dissolved silicates. After repeated cycles, Euro Industry shower doors remained permanently protected and easier to clean.

Image by Sidekix Media

 Glass Railing

  From accidental impact to the perfect aesthetic, Euro Industry Glass solutions can keep building occupants safe and sound. Our Glass railing adheres to stringent testing requirements from various code organizations. Euro Industry Glass Railing also provides a luxurious aesthetic and unreplaceable light transmission. 

Image by Jonas Jacobsson

 Glass Staircase

   Euro Industry's Glass Staircase is designed to help protect building occupants from injury or loss due to accidental or natural causes. Our unique anti-slip finish can give you the ultimate protection that you deserve.

Image by Christopher Burns

 Louver Glass   Windows

Louver window is a window composed of parallel glass, acrylic in a frame. The louvers are joined onto a track so that they may be tilted open and shut in unison to control airflow, usually by turning a crank. 

Louver windows maximize natural ventilation by allowing airflow through the entire window area. Our Louver window glasses are available in clear or tinted options to provide the optimal thermal experience and fill the room with natural lights.

louver window.jpg
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