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Bent Glass

Make your projects shine

When it comes to the curved glass we manufacture at Euro Industry, you can count on it to enhance your next architectural project. In fact, we offer bent glass that is ideal for a wide range of architectural applications.

How is it made

 At Euro Industry, various types of steel molds are used for slumping the flat glass into desired shapes. Glass is placed on top of a pre-heated mold and then placed into a kiln. At about 600 °C, the glass begins to melt and bend, melding into the shape of the mold. The kiln is very slowly cooled down, completing the bending glass. In some cases, two or more pieces of glass are bent at the same time to ensure high-quality laminating and insulating following the bending process.

Customized just for your need

 Euro Industry is known for designing and manufacturing high-quality bent glass for a variety of architectural applications, but that’s not all we do. We also serve a variety of additional industries with our specialty glass services.

Image by Michal Matlon
Safety as our priority 

  Euro Industry is known for creating custom bent glass structures that conform to the safety and industry standards, making it easy to create attractive, artistic glass that is also safe and reliable.

Specs for our bent glass 

Bent glass

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