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Decorative Glass

   At Euro Industry, our decorative glass options are perfect for introducing visual interest while subtly creating privacy, especially for bath and shower enclosures. Paint your palette with texture or pattern, or set the stage to showcase your brand. From our standard textures to our specialty patterned glass, there are a multitude of ways to add character and simple sophistication to your interior.


Please note that

the cost of the textured glass is heavily influenced by its weight, size, finishing.

To guarantee you the exact price, please email us with the width (horizontal) and height (vertical), You can submit your size requirements using the button below.

All quotes will be based on the specifications we receive via email.

Our Decorative Glass options

 Our standard textured glass adds depth, character, degrees of privacy to any residential setting. The collection features 3D aspects and shadows that create surfaces of unusual transparency and transforms the glass to a whole new level of expression.

Image by Andrew Buchanan

Our Signature Patterned Glass is fabricated like regular float glass making it a preferred material for endless applications. Each design offer a breadth of distinctive patterns, designed to add visual interest to any interior.

Wired glass is a high-quality polished glass product created by embedding a steel wire mesh between two layers of molten glass in a continuous rolled process. Standard wired glass options include clear or obscure glass, with either a diamond or square mesh pattern.

Contact Our Experts

If you have any questions regarding our products, please feel free to contact us at any time

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